A Bit About Me…

MeredithHi, my name is Meredith, and I hate “about me” soliloquies as passionately as I did when I set up my first Facebook account.  Facts I will mention, simply because they will tell you a lot about this blog: I am 32. Home is (and practically always has been) southeastern Tennessee. After sojourning in the Pacific Northwest with my new husband for the first year of our marriage, year two finds us as new parents to the sweetest daughter and new business owners in northwestern North Carolina. I am blessed with an absurdly close-knit, crazy family, and with more friends that have known me half my life than not. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and He is using all the twists and turns of life to strengthen my love and devotion to Him.

A few other trivial (but pertinent) loves: cooking in general, baking in particular; literature in general, British literature in particular; college sports in general, college football in particular, and Alabama football in even more particular.  Actually, let’s devote a single sentence to a resounding “Roll Tide.”  I am convinced I was born in the wrong half of the 20th century, as the fashion, movies, and music of the earlier years runs more to my taste.  I also majored in Political Communication; however, since I have yet to contribute to the war of words professionally, please don’t hold it against me.

Feedback encouraged - civil discourse a requirement.

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