Hello, my friends! Although this little blog is sadly in need of a makeover, I have not quite abandoned it altogether. The last few months have been a bit busy, and any spare writing time devoted to another project currently in the works; however, the endless, arid Tennessee summer has also reflected an interlude of thought and of soul.

Ah, waiting.  Life holds more “betwixt times” than I ever dreamed.  Static circumstances…the acute situations of loved ones…the sin-sick condition of an entire nation…it is a poignant thing to wait on the Lord, as well-chronicled by David and others.  And yet.  I wrote the following in my journal a few days after Christmas last year.  I share it here, hasty grammar and all, because the thought has become the refrain that has diffused what could be a difficult season of despair with a very real, holy joy, and I pray that you, too, wait on whatever you wait for knowing that waiting on Jesus instead of waiting without Jesus makes all the difference:

God has met me most in the last couple of weeks by dwelling on advent – the absolute miracle of the coming – just the comfort that people waited in faith for hundreds and hundreds of years for the Messiah – they weren’t abandoned but the glory of the unfolding was so much grander than anything they could have dreamed. Praise God, “those who walked in darkness have FINALLY seen a great light…the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” To live in the “A.D.” – what more is there? Truly, how many things fade in the light of “Christ has come.” If there is one thing I can identify with, it’s waiting. And I have been astounded to realize how much joy there is in realizing that that particular yearning is not one I have to experience. Other things seem so secondary to that. I don’t have a clue what 2016 holds, but I know that I hold the hope of all the world in my heart. What strength and consolation indeed.

“…There are times when we…do not know which way to turn. It may be just then that we shall learn for the first time how to stand still in perfect peace and quietness of soul, not idling away our time, not hopelessly limp and heedless of the outcome, but working on in such ways as may be given to us, observing with eager joy the way in which God will work it all out to a perfectly glorious ending.”  – Philip E. Howard

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