Just a quick little scribble tonight; still glancing through photos from an amazing “amigas” trip from a couple of weeks ago. Melissa, Ally, and I became fast friends in college and have done a bit of traveling together since. Many of our adventures have taken us to historic places, and this trip was crammed with as many halls and homes and battlefields as we could fit in during a 3 day stay in the greater Boston area.


Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House!

The Colonial-era site I was most anxious to visit was Old South Meetinghouse. It did not disappoint.

IMG_0467I have never before stood in a place of historical significance with tears streaming down, but I did that day. I was overwhelmed. Such a small, humble place for such grand, audacious words and ideas to have echoed throughout history. A place where not only some of the seeds of revolution, but also the Great Awakening were planted. In it all, an undeniable reminder of God’s sovereign hand in our nation’s history and the lives of His people.


What also struck full force is just how close we are to losing all context of the past. Hancock, Adams, Otis, Rush…how many today even know their names, much less their words and ideas?

A final photo, this of the balcony where the Declaration of Independence was first read publicly. The building juxtaposed against the modern Boston skyline stands as a reminder and a challenge: the past, tucked in the nooks and crannies of the present. The history is still there. It is imperative that we remember it.



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